Does Alcohol Consumption And Smoking Alter Your Skin?

Years of research shows that if you smoke your skin will age at a faster pace compared to non smokers. In 2008 a study published in the Dermatology Digest describes how researchers examined the inner upper arms of non smokers and smokers from the age of 21 to 85. The research showed that after factoring in the persons age and the amount of cigarettes that the smoker smoked each day had a significant role in skin aging. By using the upper arms in the study gave the researchers the area of skin with minimal amount of sun exposure. Research showed that by smoking it reduced the skins natural elasticity by breaking down the collagen in your skin and reducing the amount of collagen that your body produces (Src: Dr. Ken Landow of Skin Essentials).

The collagen in your skin is a protein that helps skin strengthen and will gradually degrade with age which is the cause of wrinkles in your skin. For people that smoke it speeds up the process and also causes the blood vessels to tighten in your skin. This reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen the skin cells will receive which will accelerate aging and reduce the elasticity in your skin.

The study also suggest that by smoking the exposure of heat from the burning cigarette will damage the facial skin and contribute to wrinkles on your face by certain smoking behaviors. Examples of this would be inhaling and squinting your eyes and pursing of the lips.

When you drink alcohol it can dehydrate the skin leaving your skin looking old and tired. If you are going to drink alcohol make sure and drink plenty of water in between and after consuming alcohol. Rehydration to the skin and body are very important.


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