Safe and Satisfied With Kybella


If you’re in the market for some cosmetic facial improvement, Kybella is a remarkable new kind of treatment recommended by many experienced dermatologists. When applied correctly, Kybella injections have met with high success and satisfaction ratings. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, talk to your dermatology specialist about how to use this prescription safely.

Before You Start 

Dr. Ken Landow of Las Vegas says that the Kybella filler is a synthesized version of a naturally occurring acid in your gut. If you’ve ever had health issues with your GI tract, let your doctor know this in advance. You should also avoid this treatment if you’re currently sick or fighting an infection. Some other concerns to discuss before using Kybella include:

  • Your previous or future surgical or cosmetic regimens
  • Any issue you’ve had with your thyroid, swallowing, or lymph glands
  • Any blood disorder you may have
  • Your pregnancy or breastfeeding status
  • Your age

All this information will help you and your doctor form the best treatment plan for your needs.

Side Effects

According to a recent study, over 80% of the side effects in patients taking Kybella injections were mild. The most common complaints were local to the jaw area and included:

  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Discoloration
  • Discomfort
  • Pockets of firmness

In most cases, side effects lessened as treatment continued.

With professional execution, Kybella can be a safe and satisfying option for your facial adjustment needs.


Does Alcohol Consumption And Smoking Alter Your Skin?

Years of research shows that if you smoke your skin will age at a faster pace compared to non smokers. In 2008 a study published in the Dermatology Digest describes how researchers examined the inner upper arms of non smokers and smokers from the age of 21 to 85. The research showed that after factoring in the persons age and the amount of cigarettes that the smoker smoked each day had a significant role in skin aging. By using the upper arms in the study gave the researchers the area of skin with minimal amount of sun exposure. Research showed that by smoking it reduced the skins natural elasticity by breaking down the collagen in your skin and reducing the amount of collagen that your body produces (Src: Dr. Ken Landow of Skin Essentials).

The collagen in your skin is a protein that helps skin strengthen and will gradually degrade with age which is the cause of wrinkles in your skin. For people that smoke it speeds up the process and also causes the blood vessels to tighten in your skin. This reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen the skin cells will receive which will accelerate aging and reduce the elasticity in your skin.

The study also suggest that by smoking the exposure of heat from the burning cigarette will damage the facial skin and contribute to wrinkles on your face by certain smoking behaviors. Examples of this would be inhaling and squinting your eyes and pursing of the lips.

When you drink alcohol it can dehydrate the skin leaving your skin looking old and tired. If you are going to drink alcohol make sure and drink plenty of water in between and after consuming alcohol. Rehydration to the skin and body are very important.


What Are the Benefits of Botox?

Given the wide range of benefits, it’s no secret that the quick and relatively painless process of Botox injections is such a popular option for reducing, or preventing, wrinkles. However, it is not just for reducing the appearance of aging. Did you know that Botox has other uses such as shrinking oversized muscles, stopping excessive sweat, and effectively treating migraine headaches? Not to mention relief from an enlarged prostate and even arthritis! It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, twenty years old or well into your fifties, Botox are a fantastic solution for any problems relating the appearance and functionality of your skin, as well as a few other things.

How it Works
When you get Botox injections, the chemicals needed for movement are blocked from reaching your muscles, therefore your muscles can’t contract. As for the treatment of migraines, it is still not clear on how Botox helps, but the FDA has approved the method as a way for adults to treat their migraine or tension headaches. For sweating, however, by blocking the nerves from sending signals to the body to control sweating, patients experience relief from hyperhidrosis for a few months at a time.

The cost of a single Botox treatment varies from patient to patient. The amount of Botox needed changes due to the area of injection, size of the patients muscles, and reason for the treatment.

No matter what your reasons for Botox, it is a highly beneficial procedure with minimal risks.


4 Ways To Reverse Sun Damage To Your Skin

Can you reverse the damaged skin from those UV rays you have been exposed to over the years? Yes you can. As soon as you start protecting yourself from those harmful UV rays, you have begun the process of additional UV damage and so the reversal process begins. Below is a four step treatment that will begin the skin recovery process.

Step 1: Exfoliation
Chemical exfoliation will dissolve the dead skin cells that hold the brown pigment in your skin that has accumulated over the years. When you go to purchase an over the counter chemical exfoliant, choose one that contains a 5 to 8 % glycolic acid concentrate. It is also important to make sure and follow the directions when applying.

Step 2: Get rid of the brown spots
If you have brown splotches on your skin, the product you will need is known as skin bleach. There is no bleach in the product, but it will lighten the brown spots on your skin.  It does this by stopping your skin from producing uneven amounts of melanin  that your skin produces when it tries to combat UV radiation. When searching for a product, look for something with a 2 percent concentration of hydroquinone and make sure and apply it 2 to 3 times a day.

Step 3: Avoid sunburns
The best way to prevent sun damage to your skin is apply sunscreen every day. For the best results you want to apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before going out into the sun, then reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Make sure the SPF is 15 or higher.

Step 4: Antioxidants are important to
Using an antioxidant topical cream nightly is important in protecting the skins DNA. Protecting the DNA in your skin helps prevent cancer and also protects the collagen and elastic tissues from free radicals that causes sagging skin and wrinkles.


What Are Cosmetic Fillers?

Maybe you’ve heard about “fillers” from friends or read about them in magazines, but still aren’t exactly sure of what they are. Fillers are substances injected into the skin that plump up folds and wrinkle and restore volume as well. You might not realize that in addition to wrinkles and age spots, the loss of facial volume is one of the greatest challenges that people face in the battle against aging. In fact, by restoring lost volume to key areas of the face (such as the cheeks, under the eyes, and around the mouth), you can achieve a more youthful appearance. You’ll look like yourself, but better rested. The Restylane filler is one on the market that’s had over a 10-year history of helping both women and men feel their best about their appearance.

One of the best applications of this particular product is filling in the nasolabial folds that begin at the nose and run down the sides of the mouth. Also known as “smile lines”, these areas of the face are prone to developing deep folds as aging occurs. Giving more volume to the cheeks is another way to achieve a more youthful look, as sagging can occur over time. Finally, if you want a fuller appearance to your lips, while still looking natural, Restylane is a fantastic option. By discussing your concerns with a qualified doctor, you can address some of these aspects of aging using a safe, non-surgical option such as a cosmetic filler.


Juvederm and Hydration

Juvederm dermal filler is a physician-administered treatment for facial wrinkles. It is a nonsurgical procedure. A dermatologist uses a fine needle filled with gel and gently eases it under the skin filling the soft tissue of the dermis. This diminishes the appearance of wrinkles by adding volume instantly.

Your skin has two layers, which are known as the epidermis and the dermis. The outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis and is the skin’s main defense against the effects of the environment. The innermost layer, the dermis, is composed of connective tissue and basically provides the skin with support. Most facial folds and wrinkles occur within the dermal layer.

The skin’s natural moisturizer is hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule. Its primary function is to absorb and bind water, which in turn creates facial volume. An easy way to understand hyaluronic acid is to think of it as the internal moisturizer for the body. As the aging process begins, this precious moisturizer diminishes, which causes the presence of folds and lines. The injectable gel corrects this by restoring needed hyaluronic acid to your skin.

Young, healthy-looking skin has an abundance of this hydrating substance; and if you want to restore your skin to its younger version of itself, this procedure just might be right for you. Using juvederm filler is an effective way to bring back moisture all while restoring volume and smoothing away wrinkles.


The Benefits of Belotero Balance

Aging is one of those inevitable life experiences that not only brings with it a certain degree of wisdom, but can also herald the onslaught of lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, you do not have to emulate a Shar- Pei in order to be considered a wise soul. The latest filler on the market that is giving women back their youthful glow is the Belotero Balance treatment.

Although this injectable filler is similar to other major players in the hyaluronic acid category, there are some clear differences that make this method stand out among the crowd. For starters, it is for the treatment of superficial lines and moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Its purpose is to add subtle volume and plumpness to the affected tissue.

The acid-based gel substance that is used offers a more natural effect that you may not find with other methods. In addition, because the gel is softer than other products available to patients on the market, it integrates into facial skin easily. It also adapts to the structural contours of the face for the most natural look possible.

With little recovery time, many patients treated with Belotero have reported incredibly fast results bordering on almost immediate when compared to other hyaluronic acid injections they may have tried. These results include a dramatic reduction in the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines around the nose and mouth. Results this amazing are making it effortless for people to look in the mirror and smile.